Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Children Eat Their Greens


Children Eat Their Greens

Parents are often criticized for not ensuring their children eat healthily and get plenty of exercise but as all parents know it is particularly difficult to get children to eat vegetables particularly ‘cabbages’ and the like. But not so at Ysgol Heulfan, Gwersyllt, where the children grow their own vegetables and because they’ve grown their own the children were very keen to sample their very own ‘home grown cabbages.’

Head Julia Thomas Haigh said,
“Very often when you put vegetables like cabbages in front of children they will turn their noses up at them but the children were all keen to eat their own cabbages and it just goes to show what motivates children. I believe schools can do a lot to encourage healthy eating by children from a young age.”

It is not just the children of Ysgol Heulfan who will benefit from eating the school’s produce but also members of Gwersyllt Luncheon Club who get their food from Ysgol Heulfan, Head Cook at the school, Mrs Dilys Jones,
“Our home grown vegetables will be on the menu for the Luncheon Club next Thursday”

The Gwersyllt Luncheon Club was established in March and has since grown from strength to strength with nearly 40 people attending the fortnightly lunch, and as the co coordinator of the Luncheon Club, Gwenfair Jones said,
“The club is becoming increasingly popular because of the high quality of the meals provided by Dilys and the school and we welcome the use of fresh home grown produce.”

The school does more than just supply the food to the Luncheon Club they also allow children and a teacher to attend the club and to assist, Mrs Jones said,
“We are very grateful to Julia for allowing the children to come and help us and the people who attend the club really appreciate having them here.”

Councillor Arfon Jones who represents the Gwersyllt West Ward and also helps out with the Luncheon Club said,
“This close relationship between the children and an older generation that attend the Luncheon Club has created a greater sense of community in the village, and we are also very pleased to play our part in meeting the Council’s priorities of Healthy Eating and Supporting People.”
It is not only children of primary school age that are involved in gardening and growing their own food but a Community Garden Project has been established at Third Avenue, Gwersyllt, between the local Housing Estate Office, Youth Services, Youth Justice Team and the Police, Christine Jones the Estate Office Manager said, “
This is a intergenerational project with older mentors teaching young people gardening skills and how to grow their own food and I’m sure we would be happy to provide Dilys and the school with fresh produce from our garden.”

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