Sunday, 10 May 2009

Tory own goal at Wrexham FC

Dear Editor

I was very interested to read in the Evening Leader on Friday 8 May about what was reported as a visit to Wrexham FC by a Tory politician, an English MP described as the ‘shadow sports minster’.

The Conservatives would have us believe that they have somehow changed and that they are fully engaged with Welsh politics. Yet here we have the suggestion that a Tory MP is shadow sports minister!

I’m sorry to disappoint this new found – and no doubt very temporary – Wrexham fan, but unless he find himself elected to the National Assembly, he will NOT be shadowing the minister who has those responsibilities in Wales – Plaid Cymru’s Alun Ffred Jones AM.

Let's hope the misguided man from Westminster enjoyed his visit to this great north Wales club, but you do wonder why he is spending his time visiting a Welsh club. Is it possible that he and his entourage just didn't realise that powers had been devolved to Wales?

Yours faithfully

Eurig Wyn
Plaid Cymru European election candidate


Anonymous said...

I cannot see why a tory mp who will most likely to become the Minister for Culture Media and Sport cannot visit a Welsh Football Club which plays in an English league!

Despite Plaid's desperation to build Offa's Dyke across the A483 and the M4 the reality is business cannot and should not operate in a silo - Wrexham FC is a business if Mr Wyn does not realise and if it were not for the hundreds of English football supporters visiting the town regular the club would probably cease to exist.

As for Plaid's minister Mr Alun Ffred Jones - I cannot see how he is making big strides in his portfolio to improve sport in North East Wales.

Maybe Mr Hunt can learn something from culture and sport in Wales and maybe Alun Ffred Jones can learn from how things operate in England.

Maybe Mr Wyn would also realise that the Olympics are coming to London in 2012 - Plaid has already had a moan about not getting a big enough slice of the cake.

Sport operates at an international level get a grip!

Ryan Paul Rogers said...

I would agree with the point that there can be substantial benefits from cross border working.

Devolution should not be a barrier to collaboration and there can be substantial benefits from better communication on policies between Westminster and the Assembly.

Plaid Queensway said...

What are you two on about? Your comments have no relation to the point being made in the article, which clearly is about the fact that the MP is not the shadow Sports Minister in Wales, unless of course you disagree with that! Stop using the article as an excuse for a rant about cross border working and the A483!What is wrong with you............

John Bell said...

I'm pleased to say that Jeremy Hunt MP, Shadow Sports Minister in the UK (of which Wales is an important part) Parliament, and I had a teriffic time visiting Wrexham FC where the Directors and club management where given an opportunity to discuss their plans with an MP who, unlike Plaid politicians, will be part of the next UK government. As for Plaid Cymru’s Alun Ffred Jones AM, what's he ever done for Wales or the UK? John Bell, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Clwyd South and a Wrexham season ticket holder!

Anonymous said...

Mr Rogers and Mr Bell make two excellent points!

Shame Miss Harper takes such a narrow view!

Plaid Queensway said...

Well I'll say one thing, they do at least put their names to theirs 'Anon'!

I'm very glad to hear Mr Bell enjoyed himself on his visit, that's lovely.

As regards what Alun Ffred Jones is up to here in the North East, he's backing some very worthwhile projects at the moment, funnily enough in Clwyd South....... Keep an eye out in the press ;)

Anonymous said...

Does our Wxm season ticket holder support the Welsh FA's campaign against a Team GB in the 2012 Olympics?

Anonymous said...

What the atrocious campaign to restore a derelict hotel?

Rhys Wynne said...

Nice to see a comment by John Bell, who I'd not heard of before. He should thank Plaid Wrecsam for the publicity! While I'm also a Welsh nationalist you must realise there is sadly still a role to be played by a Sports Minister from London.

As much as I don't like it, a Tory governmetn in London will have influence over what happens at CPD Wrecsam.

One subject that concerns me is the right th stand while watching football matches. At the moment, this issue isn't a priority for the Supporters Trust as there are more pressing issues (current owners' development plans are starting to appear very dodgdy).

It was the Tories who brought in the legislation banning standing at football matches, and 'safety' at football matches is still not a devolved matter.

Anonymous said...

If Bell ever became an MP (unlikely), he'd probably claim his season ticket as an expense

Anonymous said...

i for one would love a brick wall ,around Aled roberts and the rest of them, cross border co,opertation, capel celyn, water, Hafod, dump, cheshire plan.
them 2 wankers go on about cross border links,would england allow wales to exploit them?
wise up you fools.
i was one of those at the scrutny meeting, and can tell you, wales is being sold of, nothing to do with cross border shit u lot go on about, sell of

Anonymous said...

As a member of the public who also attended that meeting Plaid shot themselves in the foot, you looked like prats, did yourselves no favours and the Liberal, Tory and Independents won the day!

Common Sense Tory said...

Get real, anyone can buy land and develop it provided they fall within the planning process. You can't stop English people buying land in Wales.

Plaid have blind folded you on this one mate!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Plaid were alone on this - even Labour believed you were all quackers!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Common sense Tory (who also posted the last two Anons) needs to realise that you can end a sentence with a full stop rather than an exclamation mark!

Otherwise it loses its impact!

Plaid Queensway said...

Pretty obvious who this is. Have you read the sub regional strategy yet Paul?

Anonymous said...

yes true any one can buy land and build on it,just like our council did with our common ground eagles meadows, the torys are for wealth any way and would love 20,000 houses build in wrexham, capatilists bastards what the torys are, on another point while i support being welsh and not english, in my own country, do i have to support plaid, im not even a member of the party, and if you carry on with your bullshit paul, remember who you work for, i might even stand against you, i would work for the people of wrexham, not the tory or any other party, be warned paul you are on a losing battle,m8,
and just becuase i was at the scrutiny committe does not mean im plaid,like wise u torys are all fking robbers and liers

Anonymous said...

Eurig Wyn is only bringing this up to raise his profile come the EU elections. He wants to go back on the gravy train. He was useless last time and Iv'e got no reason to think h's gonna be different this time round.

Go back to your local issues Eurig Wyn and leave football to people who know what they ar eon about.

Plaid Whitegate said...

@Anon: There are 11 candidates for the Euro-election. Not one is an independent.