Tuesday, 26 May 2009

George Monbiot and PFI.

HT's to George Monbiot for trying to get us to understand the intricacies of Private Finance Initiative. The PFI waste puts the MP's expenses scandal into perspective.

Although the Welsh Assembly Government is distinctly cooler towards PFI than their Westminster partners...Andrew Davies and Leighton Andrews are both for it but in another name, 'Public Private Partnerships.' Another word being 'bandied' about is 'collaboration'...is that collaboration with other Local Authorities or the 'private sector' like BT's Agile Working?. I just think Monbiot has hit the nail on its head when he says,
One day the repayments will destroy Britain’s public finances. This extravagance makes our MPs look like ascetics.

We in Local Government should learn some lessons and look hard if outsourcing or whatever other name it is called, actually benefits anyone apart from the shareholders of the company who gets the outsourced tender.

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