Monday, 18 May 2009

The hit parade

A blog that is local and talks about politics is never going to win a mass audience. However, we're doing alright after just a year of this blogging.
So far this month we've had 2000 hits and 700 unique visitors, a number that keeps on climbing. Thanks very much.
We should also say thanks to our biggest fans - leading the way in terms of hits are the House of Commons, so we assume our rivals are keeping a close eye on us. They're closely followed by the BBC, sniffing for a story, and Wrecsam Council, hoping for the opposite...


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

120 hits are from 27 countries with 32 hits from the good old what's that all about then...didn't realise Plaid Cymru had an international following!!

Nick, BBC Local said...

Hi, like you, we're interested in local issues being discussed by local people who care about their local community. Thanks for helping us keep across the issues in your community. I follow you like I follow - - - If you know of other communities in NE Wales being given this kind of attention online then please let me know.