Saturday, 16 May 2009


Yes, that's how Richard Eccles, Secretary of the North Wales Police Federation says his officers feel by being ordered out on litter patrols to boost the numbers of fixed penalties issued (Daily Post 16th May). Police Officers are concerned that when they catch someone littering they have to wait for a Community Support Officer to arrive to issue the ticket because Police Officers don't have the powers to issue Council penalty notices. But of course Police Officers can issues Police Fixed Penalty tickets but of course the monies from them don't accrue to the local Council, a point made in this blog previously. Since our original blog and article in the Daily Post myself and Carrie Harper have had reassurances from all directions telling us that littering is not a priority for North Wales Police, but the Police Federation seems to agree with us and that it takes priority over far more serious crimes. If its not a priority why would North Wales Police see the need to allocate the crime car and 2 plain clothes officers to sit outside McDonald's in Wrecsam with orders to get penalty notices for littering. More worrying still is the fact that 2 Police Officers have been paid, 'double time' to go on littering patrols in the Eastern Division.

I don't think this was the way we expected our £200 Council Tax precept to the Police Authority to be spent was it?

Part Three of this saga will be published as soon as North Wales Police provide me with information I have requested under the Freedom of Information Act which is subject to delay after delay...I wonder why?

UPDATE - This story appeared in the Daily Express over the weekend


Cynical Copper says said...

A senior officer had this to say in an email,"I expect return for ****** and tickets issued by Friday from Community Beat Managers without fail. I have been directly challenged by Superintendent ******************
re:(Name of District)failing to issue any litter tickets.

Proves I think that we are totally over the top with Litter because crime victims are not getting visits because we are told to get litter tickets.

Cynical Copper said...

The Police are doing Flintshire County Council's work as the following extract from a police operational order shows:

"The intention of this operation is to reduce the amount of litter visible in the community and to increase the number of prosecutions for littering. Flintshire County Council Wardens have a non-confrontational role and will not issue PND's (Penalty notices). Flintshire County Council have also failed to adopt the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 which prevents the issue of PND's by PCSO's. Thus the mantle is carried by NWP in Flintshire."

So basically Flintshire County Council are taking the piss by getting North Wales Police to do their job.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Good letter in the Daily Post today on this subject.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

This story has made the Daily Express