Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Venture: The Facts (Part 2)

The Venture's accounts for 2007/08 on the Charity Commission's website shows their income as £598,000 and expenditure of £505,000, leaving £94,000 to carry over for this year.


Anonymous said...


Get rid of Cllr King who manages the centre that would create a big saving.

Similarly another organisation claiming to be for the community - the Brymbo Enterprise Centre has just got rid of Mike Shone in Brymbo. Celebrations all round there!

It can be done! Someone must have some power to overthrow Malcom!

I hear that they are planning protests now - how pathetic!

cllr Marc Jones said...

Carrying over £90,000 of funding that it couldn't be spent is news to me - The Venture professes poverty and imminent closure but in reality seems to be awash with cash and doesn't know what to do with it.
Caia Park councillors have requested a meeting with the Venture management since these closure claims were first made. Will The Venture management please explain these figures - to me, they just don't add up.