Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Brown Loyalist

Yes Ian Lucas MP is certainly a Brown Loyalist who has been rewarded with a junior ministerial job (Under Secretary) in Lord Mandelson's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Lucas was previously a government whip who was probably part and parcel of the team of Labour whips that quelled a rebellion of Labour MP's who were intent on forcing Brown out yesterday. Prior to that Lucas was a Parliamentary Private Secretary to Liam Byrne, Minister of State at the Home Office. Labour having just been pushed into second place in his constituency by the Conservatives, one wonders how his constituents will view Lucas's loyalty to a lame duck and unpopular Labour Prime Minister?


Anonymous said...

Better make the most of it, next year he'll be back as a country town little solicitor in Oswestry for Lucas & Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Now he's a minister for industry he may well have something useful to say to Remploy workers on Friday.

little red rooster said...

He's got a year left to milk the system. He doesn't give a stuff about Remploy workers.

Lehendakari said...

This is what the Mail had to say:

A 'dirty dozen' of Gordon Brown's closest henchmen have been promoted into lucrative ministerial jobs after seeing off a backbench plot to unseat the Prime Minister.
Mr Brown was yesterday accused of rewarding his allies in the Whips' Office for carrying out his 'dirty work' by promoting them to government roles.
Eight former Whips have just been made ministers

Mucus said...

It certainly pays to Brown nose...

"Other whips who have been promoted include Ian Lucas, Claire Ward, Diana Johnson, Barbara Keeley, Chris Mole and Helen Goodman.
Most of them now carry the title of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, which comes with a £94,227 salary, a government driver and a team of civil servants."

New trough for Mr Lucas!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Lucas's new responsibilities:

"Responsible for business sectors (aerospace; marine and defence, automotive; chemicals; construction; manufacturing, materials and engineering; retail; services), Better Regulation Executive, better regulation within BIS, Olympic legacy, sustainable development and regulation including waste electrical and electronic equipment issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate governance, Companies Act, Companies House, Insolvency Service (including companies investigations), export control."

Mm...steep learning curve!

Anonymous said...

does these mean lucas will have to write his reports in all languages.
I smell a rat on this one, cheshire plan, springs to mind. dirt little bastard what he is