Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Lost in translation

At yesterday's Executive Board Cllr Howard Moysen asked the following members question:

(a) What is the total annual cost of translating all Council material, correspondence, etc into Welsh?
(b) Does the Council have any evidence of the numbers of residents who read the Welsh translations?

Why did he ask this? And why only the cost of Welsh translations when the Council's website has information in 12 languages as well as Welsh?

Does he believe that the £146,000, which is the cost of translation Welsh/English and vice versa, is excessive? Should we cease to translate into Welsh despite the 2001 Census showing that 22% of the county's population can either read, speak or write Welsh with 11% having all three skills, the latter figure represents about 15,000 people. The numbers are increasing with the demand for Welsh medium education.

The officers were unable to answer the second part which was purely hypothetical... perhaps he should have sought to ascertain the numbers of people who read the Council's publications per se but of course that question wouldn't help his agenda.

For those of you who don't know, Councillor Moysen is a non aligned member for Cefn Mawr. Last year he was deselected as the sitting Labour councillor and went on to win the seat as an independent. Despite having been deselected by Labour he is still close to the group and asking this question in conjunction with questions about The Venture makes one wonder if he is not being used to undermine the Council's support for the Welsh language and its use.

The fact that the Council as a public authority in Wales are bound in law to provide a service in both English and Welsh just goes to show how utterly pointless and irrelevant his questions were. Mischief making for the sake of mischief making.

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