Friday, 5 June 2009

Euro-election - voters shun polls

Voters in Wrecsam and Clwyd South have effectively boycotted the Euro-elections, with only 25-8% turnout in both areas.

In some wards, notably in Caia Park, the vote was as low as 9% while more affluent areas such as Marford and Rossett saw the vote rise above 30%.

Don't be surprised therefore if the UKIP and Tory vote is up and the Labour vote is down.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean Plaid aren't expecting a breakthrough?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Like the rest of us you'll have to wait until Sunday night. Predictions based on trying to see X's when the ballot paper is face down is not an exac science but we saw enough to say that UKIP had done ok in some areas...better not say more because of electoral law. The Opinion Polls suggest UKIP will do well and our perception seems to confirm that.

Draig said...

Turnout sounds pretty consistent with Swansea/Gower down here;

Gower - 31%
Swansea W - 27%
Swansea E - 23%