Monday, 8 June 2009

Labour decimated in Wales

Labour has seen its vote collapse in the Euro-elections in Wales. Plaid's vote was up, as was the Tory, UKIP, Green and BNP vote. Well done to Jill Evans on being re-elected and commiserations to the rest of the team for missing out. Not a great result for Plaid to be honest.

Conservative: 145,193 (21%)
Labour: 138,852 (20%)
Plaid Cymru: 126,702 (19%)
UKIP: 87,585 (13%)
Lib Dems: 73,082 (11%)
Greens: 38,160 (6%)
BNP: 37,114 (5%)
Christian Party: 13,037
Socialist Labour Party: 12,402
No2EU Yes to Democracy: 8,600
Jury Team: 3,793

Locally, Plaid increased its vote substantially in both Wrecsam and Clwyd South. It's not possible to make direct comparisons because the count last time was for the whole borough. In 2004, Plaid got 10.5% of the vote - this time Plaid won 14% in Wrecsam and 18% in Clwyd South. In the latter seat we came within 175 votes of beating Labour and comfortably saw off the Lib Dems and UKIP.

In Wrecsam, a great effort by party activists and supporters saw 25,000 newsletters hand delivered in the last few weeks. This contributed to us getting within 700 votes of Labour and just 8% behind the eventual winners, the Tories.

In both seats Plaid is emerging as a real challenger to both Tory and Labour in the coming Westminster elections. If Plaid's motion in Parliament wins support, we could see an election sooner rather than later.

Wrecsam result
Labour 2712
Plaid 1972
UKIP 2037
Tory 3199
BNP 1092
LibDem 2078
Green 525
Soc Lab 233
Christians 175
No2EU 173
Jury 68

Clwyd S result
Labour 3063
Plaid 2886
UKIP 2259
Tory 4010
BNP 1060
LibDem 1492
Green 735
Soc Lab 282
Christians 190
No2EU 247
Jury 66


Anonymous said...

I expect there will be a few more tory target seats after last night!

Parkie said...

I don't think I'd get too cocky with 21% of the vote. I think in Westminster its all still to play for.

Pelagius said...

Sorry to go back to my current hobby horse but the clear threat to Plaid and Wales is the current form of British nationalism in all the unionist parties. This must be opposed more rigorously and Plaid's alternative vision much more strongly promoted. Congratulations on the obvious hard work already going on. As you noted, it does make a difference.

Anonymous said...

The reality is the tories have some good potential in North East Wales..

There needs to be change

Plaid Whitegate said...

Why would N E Wales swap Labour unionists for Tory unionists and more of the same failed policies of bowing to the bankers? Cameron is a pale shadow of Blair who did nothing to challenge the corrupt W'minster system until the scandal broke. Change? Yes, but not from the Tories.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the arrogance.. I didn't see Plaid make a breakthrough!

Poppy Seed said...

Interesting analysis - 'not a great night' for Plaid could have been transformed into an historic night if the Plaid-Green vote was combined...

Plaid Whitegate said...

Plaid did make contact with the Greens prior to this election but it was rebuffed. Had we come to some kind of agreement, with the Greens getting second place on a joint list, then the fourth seat could have gone to a Green not UKIP. Food for thought.