Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Money for children goes to lawyers

Wrecsam Council has received a letter from the Venture Adventure Playground, which is managed by Labour's Councillor Malcolm King, informing them that the Council's decision to reduce funding by £130,000 to the organisation will be the subject of a judicial review.

A Judicial Review costs a minimum of £20,000 and could cost both The Venture and the Council a lot more. This is money that will go into the pockets of lawyers rather than for frontline services.

What those of us who are interested in 'ensuring better outcomes for children' want to know is this: is this the best way to spend taxpayers' money?

Cllr King has been asked to provide a breakdown of The Venture's core funding and agreed to do so in a face-to-face meeting in May 2009 with other Caia Park councillors. Immediately after that meeting he changed his mind.

As this is public money, it's important that we know how and where it is spent. The management of the Venture don't want to co-operate with the council to explain where and how they spend their money... because they just can't justify it.

The Council should call in the Welsh Audit Office to investigate why a charity is spending taxpayers' money on lawyers rather than children's services.


Parkie said...

I thought they only had £8000 that was not ring-fenced. Is King dipping into his own money to pay for this.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Nobody can tell...unfortunately. Getting information out of the Venture is aking to trying to get blood out of a stone!The Venture have just had £40,000 off the council that wasn't ring fenced!