Saturday, 25 July 2009

74% of Welsh people want the troops out of Afghanistan

Paul Flynnn has had word of a damning opinion poll in tomorrow's Wales on Sunday:

The Wales on Sunday newspaper will be worth reading tomorrow.
The full details are not yet available but they have the surprising result of an opinion poll that will terrify Defence Ministers. Asked whether the troops in Afghanistan should be brought home now, 74% said 'Yes.'
The case for the continuing waste of life is collapsing. Apart from some fragile reconstruction and more children in education, everything else is deteriorating. The Western Mail will publish an article by me next week exposing the depraved thieves of Karzai's Afghan Police, human rights 'worse than the Taliban', and the diversion of $billions of aid money into the pockets of Karzai's crooks and the warlords.
The witness of Malalai Joya has been ignored by the press. She spoke in London last Thursday and published a new book. Who noticed? When the public learn the truth on this futile war, more than 90% will want to bring the troops home to safety.
It's far better to do a deal now that to retreat under duress as the Russian did from Kabul and the Americans from Saigon. It was public opinion in the USA, aghast as the returning body bags, that forced the stampede from Saigon.
After last year's recess Gordon Brown read out the names of 18 soldiers who died in the previous three months. More than that have already been killed this month. It cannot continue.

There was never a case to send troops to Afghanistan - bring them home now.


Pelagius said...

So why is he still a Labour MP? It is all done "in his (Labour) name". His status legitimises this appalling policy, does it not?

McNamara's War said...

There was a case to send in the US forces after 9/11, the connection to the Taliban was there. There was no case to invade Iracq. Whether we should have got involved as allies is another matter. Appreciate what's being said about Karzai but what happens if we pull out now will the Taliban take over again and were all back to square one.

Pelagius said...

Come on, Mac. You know there is no single "Taliban". Most are plain resistance fighters defending their own patch against the umpteenth foreign invader. It is the direct fault of 'The West' that they exist in the first place. The hard core are non-Afghans drawn in by the NATO presence.

So it is a negotiated political solution however you look at it. Unfortunately, lots of innocent teenagers on both sides are dying and being maimed or brutalised because of wrong policies so far. We cannot trust the British nationalists who got us into this to get us out.

After all, in your previous incarnation, you made it very clear that the reason you supported the war on Vietnam was that you didn't want to appear to be failing to "support the troops". The very thing Bloody Brown says now.

McNamara's War said...

Why do you think I use Bob McNamara, the similarities between the two wars are striking!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Re Paul Flynn - you're right of course. Like Tony Benn, he provides cover for the unprincipled New Labourites who run his party.
But like many decent activists in Labour, it's family. He can't leave.