Thursday, 9 July 2009

Auditor General Critical of Communities First.

Jeremy Coleman the Welsh Auditor General has published a critical report of the Communities First Programme in Wales saying that the Welsh Assembly Government:
"...cannot demonstrate how far Communities First is meeting...its objectives."
The objectives of Communities First is to reduce poverty and helping to improve the lives of people who live in the poorest areas. In another critical comment the report states, "WAG has not monitored effectively the impact of the programme."

As readers of this blog will recall I wrote to the Auditor General some time ago to complain of Caia Park Communities First wasting £35,000 plus on producing a book the Wisdom of Caia Park and distributing free to all households in the area.

Since 2001, the Welsh Assembly Government have spent £214 million on 188 Communities First areas across all 22 Local Authorities in Wales. Ask yourselves do we have more children in poverty now than we had in 2001, I think the answer is yes.

I am very pleased that the Auditor General has come to the same conclusion as I and many others have about whether this massively expensive programme has delivered lasting benefits to our poorest communities.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be cynical but as far as I can see the primary functions of CF are (a) to employ often not local people (b) subsidise the printing industry and (c) keep a lid of real local aspirations by giving the bread and circuses instead.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

That's not being cynical, that's pretty accurate.