Monday, 13 July 2009

BNP fails to find allies to form new bloc in Europe

Good news for all that the BNP cannot find partners to join with them to form a group within the European Parliament and the reason why:

Their plans to forge links with other parties, such as Italy's Northern League, failed because other Right-wing groupings feared that the BNP's controversial reputation would lead to isolation.

You must be seriously nasty if other nasty European Fascist parties like Hungary's Jobbik, France;s National Front and Italy's Northern League don't want to play with you because of you're reputation.

For the full story in the Telegraph go here


Pelagius said...

But British nationalism is still a huge threat with UKIP. We also have New Labour going up a gear promoting foreign wars to justify the appalling killing and injury of working class kids, whether Welsh, Afghan or from anywhere else.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

But at least the BNP are not organised into a group...there are just 26 loose cannons left who aren't formed into a group. This means they lose out on group support like additional funding/admin/offices and committee assignments. In effect the UK have 2 less MEP's this time than they had last time. BNP what a waste of a vote. To be fair even UKIP and the Tories are sidelined compared to the influential centre right group. The only ones with real influence are Labour which is pretty ironic when you consider their election performance.

Pelagius said...

The former PES has been diluted by the addition of the Democrat party from Italy, to make up their numbers. Bad vibes about their name change. Labour MEPs are much less influential in that group now.

And, of course, the 4th largest group - and leading much of the debate on Barroso and other strategic issues - is Plaid's Green/EFA group.

UK Conservatives are 5th.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Hear that Baronness Kinnock as Europe Minister is hosting a reception in Brussels tonight for British MEP's, conspicious by their absence will be the two BNP members who have not been invited.
Just goes to show how totally irrelevant the BNP are on the first day of the new European Parliament.

Pelagius said...

The new Tory group has just screwed up again. They nominated a right-wing Pole as vice president of parliament, an office to which they were entitled. But Bruce Macmillan-Scott, an EPP partisan and "one nation" conservative, got nominated as an independent and beat the official nominee! Green/EFA helped to block the extreme right-winger. So the British Tories have less influence again.

Will Macmillan-Scott now be kicked out of their group or defect to the EPP himself? What fun.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

So it appears that the European Conservatives are already split then...this is surreal!