Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Members Allowances - North Wales Police Authority

Please see Allowances paid to members of the North Wales Police Authority. The different bands relate to distance and travelling time to authority meetings at Colwyn Bay, the close a member lives the less the allowance etc.

The Allowance paid to Councillors is on top of the allowances paid to them by their respective Local Authorities.

Again I make no judgement the information is provided in the interests of openess and transparancy and as the information is not yet published on the Authority's website. The figures quoted do NOT include expenses.

WEF 1/9/08

Cllr Chris Bithell

Cllr Peter Pemberton

Cllr Ian Gunning

Cllr Graham Rees

Cllr Gerry Craddock

Cllr Ian Roberts (Chair of Authority)

Mr Douglas Wynne
Primary Chair (Professional Standards Committee)

Mrs Enid Rowlands
Primary Chair (Performance Review Committee)

Ms Morag Webb

Cllr Charles W Jones

Mr Chris Drew
Primary Chair (Audit Committee)

E Alun Lewis
Vice Chair of Authority

Cllr Peter Rogers

Cllr Selwyn Griffiths
Primary Chair (Human Resources Committee)

Mr Roger Hebden

Mr Richard P Hughes


Anonymous said...

These seem to be very generous allowances.Know wonder the police around my area complain that they don't get enough fuel to put in their cars.Have you any info on how often they meet and whats their attendance record for meetings?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Attendance record are on the NWPA website but not sure how up to date it is, last time I looked it had info on those Councillors who'd lost their seats in May 2008.
Email NWPA and ask them, when you get a reply email it to me. The expenses when I get them will be better still.

Anonymous said...

Don't they get an additional "attendance allowance" for being at meetings, or have you already included that in the totals?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Used to be but I think its now all included in the main allowance.

Chris said...

I write as one of the members of the North Wales Police Authority referred to in the post (Chris Drew, independent member - I live in Llandudno) and will try and address some of the points made by your contributors as best I can.

1. Yes, Councillors do get their Local Authority allowances and travel as well.

2. No there isn't a separate attendance allowance - these annual allowances are instead. The logic behind them is a national suggestion that a typical Police Authority member probably spends 7/10 hours a week (more if having extra responsibilities) and that a reward mechanism of £18 an hour is fair. In practice, if you do the maths, this would (at 10 hours) work out at just over £9k (instead of the basic £6-7k actually paid). Is that value for money? I am not making a judgment here, just trying to explain. (See 4 below for 'judgment')

3. Travel is at 40p a mile (or actual rail/bus etc costs) plus any hotel costs for occasional overnight duties (e.g.representing the Authority at national level)

4. Is it value for money? If the member is conscientious, probaby, except that there is a lot of frustration to being on a body that has oversight but no actual powers to decide - we are non-executive, unlike councillors who can determine actions and budgets in much more detail. The national logic is that this prevents local bigwigs from interfering with good policing, but it does create an accountability vacuum.

If any of your blog followers want me to add anything else or answer any other questions, I am more than happy to have ago. We are accountable to you, our paymasters.

Also, if any of you are members of any organisation, I am more than happy to attend to give a talk on how I see my role as a Police Authority member.

Best wishes and good luck with your blog

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thanks Chris, I think it would be useful if elected members of NWPA did present 6 monthly reports to their respective Council's. This matter has actually been raised with the Leader and Chief Executive of WCBC.

Chris said...

Interesting point (6m reports, that is). Each Local Authority should make its own demands of the person it has chosen to represent them. In the case of Wrexham (other end of N. Wales from me) this is Cllr. Gerry Craddock and Cllr. Ian Roberts (Chair). Whether a 6m report is the best way of achieving this accountability is an open question, but there is a general communication issue that should be debated more. For my own part, as an independent, I am very conscious that I am at the same time responsible both to no-one and yet also to everyone in North Wales, as I have no territorial "patch" that I represent. I join in debates such as this,and deal with any issues raised with me, but am aware that I (and my colleagues, perhaps) could/should be more pro-active. I sit on the "Involving People task group" and am receptive to any ideas that people may wish to feed to me on how we can relate to the public better.