Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New flats will be for students say Wrexham FC bosses

From the Evening Leader 8/7/09, following Plaid Cymru Press Release.

WREXHAM FC bosses have denied, in the strongest possible terms, that new flats to be built as part of The Racecourse redevelopment could be rented out to anyone other than students.

The move comes after Plaid Cymru county councillor Arfon Jones said he would be writing to chief executive Paul Retout after concerns were raised with him that some of the 840 planned apartments might be rented out to the private sector if terms with Glyndwr could not be agreed.

But both Mr Retout and Wrexham chairman Geoff Moss have flatly denied any such plan exists, and said their relationship with the University was as good as it could be. In April, Wrexham Council's planning committee approved plans by Wrexham Village to build 521 flats and then a further 319 flats in the two-phase scheme along Crispin Lane which club bosses have said will secure the future of Wrexham FC.

Mr Retout said: "Basically we have got a very good working relationship with them and will be working on a reservation agreement together.

"It's part of the planning requirement that the flats are just for students, so it's required by law and would be illegal to do otherwise.

"We have worked so hard with this development – to have someone spreading rumours that act against us is not helpful."

Speaking about the potential rental cost of each flat he said: "New standard accommodation at Bangor University is £103 a week. It is not going to be in that region, but we are talking about a brand new development with state of the art rooms."

Chairman Geoff Moss said: "We are on really good terms with the university – I could not see how the relationship could be better – and I think it is a case of somebody trying to make a political noise."

He added no discussions as to rental prices had yet been conducted with Glyndwr, and added: "We'll sit down with the university at a later date and discuss it with them."

Cllr Jones said he would be writing to Mr Retout after concerns were raised with him that the flats might be rented out to "other organisations" or the private sector if terms could not be agreed between Wrexham Village Ltd, the company set up to develop the project, and Glyndwr University


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Very robust denial by Geoff Moss but still doesn't answer the fact there was a recent meeting between Glyndwr and Wrexham Village Ltd to agree on the lease and Wrexham Village refused a medium term lease with each room going for £85 per week rather than £55 per week.
I don't suppose Wrexham Village would be the first developer to get a revised planning consent from WCBC when they can't make enough money.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Letter sent to Paul Retout today:

Dear Mr Retout,

I write to you to express my concerns at the future of the Student Village at Prifysgol Glyndwr. I understand that a meeting was held between yourselves and the University where you failed to agree on future leasing agreement of the accommodation units. Specifically you refused the University’s request for a medium term lease rather demanding a 1 to 2 year lease. I also understand there is a difference of opinion on what the University are prepared to pay (£55) and what you are prepared to accept (£85).

I will not get into a ‘tit for tat’ argument over the rights and wrongs of the article in the Evening Leader as you and Mr Moss have now gone on record to robustly deny my allegations.

I would however wish to seek reassurances from you that this project is still ‘on track’ despite contractual differences and that you will not be seeking a variation in the planning consent due to these differences