Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Perks of the Job.

The new Chief Constable of North Wales will benefit from a nice package of perks worth in the region of £200,000 on appointment. This will include a salary of £126,471, a performance related bonus which is currently around £10,000, a relocation package worth £50,000 and finally free private medical insurance the value of which will probably take the perks up to the figure quoted. Clearly our new Chief Constable is not the only one to benefit from these perks as this article shows

The big question now is, who the lucky guy is...and yes it will be a guy. From my understanding there were only 2 applicants (despite the Authority paying a Recruitment Consultant a substantial amount of money to head hunt recruits). The two candidates were the Deputy Chief Constable's of Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire, both of whom required the nod from the Home Office, both got the nod, Howard Roberts the DCC of Nottinghamshire got the nod for North Wales whilst the other guy got the nod for another Chief Constable's job. The only problem is that this reduces the power of Police Authorities to select their chief Constables and apparently their members are less than happy with the process.

Incidentally Howard Roberts is or at least was a Welsh learner from Penmon, Ynys Mon, who has previously served with North Wales Police.

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