Thursday, 2 July 2009

Playing fields protected

Yesterday's vote in favour of a Plaid AM’s measure to protect playing fields will make it impossible for councils in Wales to ignore local people's views.

In the past, we've seen previous Wrexham councils try to ignore public opinion and build on the Nine-Acre Field - this was only saved by a determined campaign. Other sites weren't so lucky.

The Assembly measure is the result of a two-year campaign for a new law to protect playing fields

Dr Dai Lloyd AM is seeking to introduce new legislation to the Assembly that would place a duty on local authorities to consult communities before selling any playing fields for development.

He said: “This measure is incredibly important to communities fighting to save their playing fields. All too often in the past they have felt let down by the current process because it doesn’t empower them to influence decision making at an early stage. If made law, my measure will enable true and meaningful consultation with the public, at a point in the process when the public can genuinely influence the decision.

“Local authorities tell us that they want to be more citizen focussed. This measure will set a precedent for true and meaningful engagement with citizens. This more open and upfront system will, in my mind, improve the standing of local authorities and their councillors with the residents they represent.”


Percy Thrower said...

Half a field has just gone near where I live in Wrecsam. The local councillor said that people weren't using it, so he took it for his pet project.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Percy's grown some very sour grapes

Percy Thrower said...

Fact remains that you have taken half a playing field for your pet scheme but claim you're in favour of saving them. You'll not be needing to look far for bullshit to put on your roses this year, will you?

Plaid Whitegate said...

You were right first time Percy - it was a field, not a playing field. The football pitch is untouched and if you can find a child who ever played on the bottom half you're doing better than the local community association.

Lehendakari said...

You just can't please some people who sit on their arses on the fringe sniping and criticising those that make the effort. Perhaps Percy should direct his attention towards Communities First and how they WASTE £800,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Councillor Jones like comments criticising him?

Nice to see him squirming!