Friday, 17 July 2009

Sewage explodes onto children's play area

The sewage pipe running by the children's play area in the Happy Valley just off Whitegate Road in Hightown, Wrecsam, has overflowed, leaving a trail of human waste and raw sewage.

It appears that the pipe has suffered what the experts call "a hydraulic overload" - that's too much water - because it carries sewage and flood water away from the town.

I've contacted Welsh Water who are now on the scene and the council's Streetscene operative.

UPDATE: Welsh Water say they have cleared up the immediate mess and will return when the rain stops. I will want assurances that the play areas are not contaminated with sewage.

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kairdiff West Kid said...

At first I thought this headline was a clever metaphorical was of describing a school visit by Alun Davies AM, but I realise now it is really is about sewage in a children's play area.
I suggest you save the headline anyway for when Alun starts visiting Blaenau Gwent. It'll double up nicely.