Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Tories in Europe Implode!!

First day of the European Parliament and thinks go pear shaped for David Cameron as his decision to leave the centre right EPP alliance and form a new European Conservative allianace comes back to haunt him. Readers will recall that the Tories had gone into an alliance with a right wing intolerant Polish party called the Peace and Justice Party or commonly known as PiS (says it all really doesn't it!!). One of the backroom deals that formed this particular dodgy alliance was that the Poles would get the alliance's Vice Presidency who nominated a guy called Kaminsky. It was obvious for some time that some Tory MEP's were not happy that Cameron had forced them to leave the EPP and go into alliance with this homophobic right wing Polish (PiS) party. One of the Tories not impressed with these done deals was the Tories longest serving MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott who decided he'd stand against Kaminsky as an independent and won, leaving the European Conservatives the only party without a Vice President in the European Parliament. Anyway that wasn't the end of it, as you can imagine the PiS MEP's were not impressed with their Tory partners turning bandit on them, and they have forced the Tory leadership to hand the leadership of the European Conservative alliance over to the PiS leadership...further deterioration in the UK's influence in Europe.

UPDATE on BNP - When it came to taking their seats in the European Parliament Griffin and Brons were firmly seated at the back with empty seats either side after the Democratic Unionist MEP refused to be seated next to Andrew Brons. Now the DUP are not exactly well known for their tolerance and understanding but to shun the BNP to that extent just goes to show how far out on a limb Griffin and Brons are.

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