Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Tories's Candidate Selection Process.

So it has finally dawned on Nick Bourne that the Tories in Wales are represented by white middle class males. He quotes the appalling example that in the three Assembly Terms since 1999, only 3 out of 19 Conservative AM's have been women and no BME's (Black and ethnic minorities)

So Nick intends to change this at the 2011 Assembly Elections by proposing the following:

A priority list of candidates for target seats with the emphasis on getting more women and BME candidates and secondly reserving the top spot on the regional list to a woman or BME.

This is undoubtadly a laudable position to take but whether it will be acceptable to the Tory grass roots is entirely another matter. I just wonder if poor old Nick has taken on more than he can chew and whether this will lead to another attempt to unseat him (Darren Millar are you listening?),or it could get worse and will we see a Tory Peter Law standing as an independent in a Tory stronghold and winning.


Plaid Whitegate said...

Is this the same Tory Party that fearlessly exposed the high earners on Welsh councils only to find that the most extravagant was the Vale of Glamorgan Council with 7 officers earning more than £100,000? And who runs the Vale of Glamorgan Council? Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Nick Bourne's plans are already backfiring with North Wales Tories queuing up to accuse him of self-interest (among other things).
Guto Bebb seems to have taken it to heart - wonder why?

Aguirre said...

I wonder if Aberconwy is the target seat lined up for a female so if Guto fails to win the Westminster election he won't have a winnable seat for 2011. Surprisingly other Tory blogs like Oscar are very quiet on the subject.

cymrumark said...

am told that a deal has been done to ensure a female candidate for assembly in aberconwy for the tories...here is a clue she might be called Janet...in return she is now fully supporting said westminster candidate..

and we just get on meeting voter delivering leaflets etc :)

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I thought Janet Finch Saunders would top the Regional list for the Tories...interesting, so poor old Guto is out in the cold if he fails to win the Westminster election...no wonder he's not happy with Bourne.

Elph said...

Guto doesn't have assembly ambitions which is why Dylan Jones Evans had the selection in 2007