Sunday, 5 July 2009

UKIP's True Colours!

Nigel Farage the Leader of UKIP's 13 MEP's has formed an alliance of 30 MEP's called the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group. Now what is worrying is that UKIP are described as the most moderate party in the group, which makes one think who the hell are the others.

Well the second largest group is Italy's Lega Nord party with 9 MEP's which is described as anti immigrant and xenophobic...the leader of these charmers suggested opening fire on African boats calling Africans, Bingo Bongoes.

Also in the group is Denmark's 'Dansk Folkeparti or the Danish People's Party an anti immigration 'racist' party with 2 MEP's.

The Dutch party SGP has one MEP which is a Calvinist Protestant Conservative party which wants, "where it wants a government totally based on the Bible."

Another nice tolerant party friends of UKIP are the True Finns with 2 MEP's another anti immigration intolerant party.

Finally we have the Greek LAOS party who are anti semetic and who describe Auschwitz and Dachau as 'myths'

So there we have it, the reality of what UKIP really stand for!

(Source - Agoravox & Wikipedia)


Lehendakari said...

I'm surprised the BNP are not in that group, there's no difference between them and UKIP in reality, their two main policy platforms are, anti European and anti immigration. It will be interesting if the BNP will go in with Jobbik the far right Hungarian Fascist party and their para military wing, the Hungarian Guards who are suspected of murdering Romany's in Hungary.

Pelagius said...

Good post.

You have done work the Welsh mainstream media utterly failed to do. In last month's election both BBC Wales and ITV Local (formerly Wales) sucked up to UKIP no end. Remember that God-awful ITV 'dinner-party'? No doubt, they will be in touch with Andreas all the time now.

BBC and ITV in Wales have been negligent if not downright unprofessional in examining the effect of UKIP's policies. They refused to carry Plaid stories on this.

Maybe this just proves Bill Moyers hope that the internet will set us free

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thanks for your kind comments, I think we need to do our best to tell the truth about these extreme parties in the hope that the mainstream press will pick up on it and start publishing what they are really like before we have another Hungary in Europe with Jobbik and the Hungarian Guards attacking the Romany with the acquiesence of the Police.
Bill Moyers is a breath of fresh air in the US where everything is dominated by right wing talk shows and Fox (fair & balanced!!)

Anonymous said...

It's fair to say that UKIP and the BNP are similar,but they also serve the function of diverting peoples attention from the real culprits who are the mainstream parties New Labour,Tories LibDems and now sadly Plaid.

Plaid now bail out arms dealers(see recent rubber stamping of 29 million pounds for Broughton)Support nuclear power stations and close schools.

Sadly this once radical party has now become right wing and liberal.
So it is wholly understandable to see them trying to turn the lunatic fringe like the BNP into major bogeymen.

Lerroux said...

What an unbelievable naive post to suggest Plaid are right wing and the same time...what a plonker, shows he/she has not even a basic grasp of understanding politics. Does he/she really think that BNP/UKIP were we unfortunate enough to see them grasp power would do better than the mainstream...of course not. The Fascist right of the BNP and UKIP are very good at telling us what the problems are but have you ever heard of them coming up with solutions. UKIP spent the last 5 years in the EP voting against everything but never coming up with anything themselves.
UKIP and BNP are a bunch of clowns

little red rooster said...

Last time I looked Broughton was owned by Airbus and making wings for civilian aircraft.
Plaid is opposed to new nuclear power stations.
Yes, Plaid has closed some schools in Gwynedd and that was unpopular.
I hardly think that's a reason why people should write it off as "right wing" and "liberal" - indeed it's often criticised for being too left wing.
Interesting that Anon@19.55 mentions the BNP - the original post didn't.

Anonymous said...

Do these centre right groups not have more support than the socialist left and the greens?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Quite right the Centre Right EPP group will be the biggest it was in the previous parliament, but there's a big difference between the centre right and the far right. The Green/EFA group is not the same as the Socialist group which is the second largest group.

Anonymous said...

First off lets make it quite clear that Broughton is owned by EADS whose military wing is one of the biggest in the world.
Despite attention being brought to this by myself and others Plaid still went ahead with a massive 29 million tax free giveaway.

Secondly Plaid Cymru LEADER Ieuan Wyn Jones has publicly given support to Wylfa B.I think that constitutes supporting NP

Thirdly people here have missed my point.I dont support the BNP or UKIP.My point was that by spending energies on fighting them you take your eye off the ball and suddenly you live in a country whose government has destroyed civil liberties,trade unions,NHS, and has handed complete control over to the banks.
This is what the mainstream parties have done,Including Plaid
Try getting a positive statement from Jocelyn Davies about her opposition to the privatisation of council wont get one.
Plaid Cymru are all for supporting business where if they were truly left wing they would be making a massive drive towards cooperatives.

Ask where Plaid stand on animal rights or vegeatrianism and you will find that they support farming up to the hilt,and say nothing about the sytematic slaughter of animals.

It's taken me two years to get an answer from super lefty (thats a larf)Leanne Wood for her opposition to the St Athan military establishment. She has now publicly denounced,but only becaus eshe knows the chances of it going ahead are slim.

Plaid are mainstream and right wing,they embrace the economics of capitalism and with respect to Lerroux above that shows how naive Plaid supporters are.
The natural development of capitalism is globalism,and consequently small countries like wales can forget about becoming independent capitalism.

Capitalism does not acknowledge countries,it simple acknlowledges markets and labour flow,which is what the EU is all about.

I see now after my efforts that comment moderation has been added to the blog...thats the New Labour coming out in Plaid.


Plaid Whitegate said...

I'll get back to you in more detail, but the comment moderation has been on since day 1.

Luis Bolin said...


Comment moderation is not only on but if your post isn't popular with some councillors, it isn't run.

Arfon's usually pretty good in letting stuff trhough, but Marc won't allow anything past which clashes with what he wants said on the blog.

Try commenting on gay rights in Cuba, for instance. I did on another post, to point out there aren't any, and it didn't get published.

Since they got into power, the brodyr in Plaid Wrecsam are like the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm - you can look from man to pig and pig to man, but it gets harder and harder to tell them apart.

I doubt this will appear.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Luis Bolin is an interesting choice of pseudonym, perhaps you can enlighten us as to whether you really are a follower of Franco.

I always try to publish postings even postings which are off message and not related to the original blog, but I would ask that you try to restrict your comments to the blog subject.