Sunday, 23 August 2009

Dr Jim Swire.

Jim Swire was the father of Flora Swire who was killed on the fateful PanAm floght over Lockerbie and has led and been spokeperson on behalf of the Lockerbie families. He is highly respected for the dignified and rational manner in which he has conducted himself in the face of this tragedy.

There is obviously a lot of emotion over what has been said and the rights and wrongs of the release of al Megrahi but I really do believe that we should take on board the words of Dr Jim Swire a man who has suffered more than most who was quoted in Saturday's Telegraph in the following terms:
I am a Christian, so I would hope, that even if I was convinced that Megrahi was guilty, my Christian compassion and forgiveness would extend to wanting to see him die with his family around him in Libya...But I am convinced Megrahi is innocent...Its not a head on a platter I want but the truth

Perhaps those devout Christians, the Americans can learn something about Christian values from Dr Swire's words.

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Anonymous said...

At least the SNP is standing up to Yankee imperialism, just like our comrades in Latin America.