Friday, 14 August 2009


Are Local Authorities in Wales implementing Welsh Assembly Government legislation by creating ghettos? It is most certainly my perception and that of Cllr Carrie Harper and a number of people who live in areas of our wards where there is high crime and disorder. The problem it would appear is WAG's legislation, the Homeless Persons (Priority Needs) (Wales) Order 2001, who places an obligation on Local Authorities to treat prisoners who are released after serving their sentences as a priority on the housing waiting list as long as they have a tenuous local connection. Wrexham CBC's answer to this problem is to place these prisoners in the hard to let areas which are inevitably areas of multiple deprivation thus increasing deprivation and additionally creating ghettos of crime and disorder. A recent Freedom of Information Request to Wrexham CBC Housing Dept poses the question of how many prisoners have been released since this legislation was introduced in 2002 and housed as a priority AND secondly in which wards have they been housed. Once we have the evidence we shall most certainly challenge this covert social engineering policy. Personally I believe the legislation as far as released prisoners is concerned is poorly thought out, it rewards bad behaviour and discriminates against honest hard working individuals and families who have been on the housing waiting lists for years. I wonder how released prisoners cope in England and Scotland where they don't have this prioritisation? This is yet another example of WAG making us more dependant on the state instead of encouraging us to take responsibility for our actions.

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