Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Has he got the balls?

I read with interest the article in the Daily Post about David Bowles the new Chief Executive of Ynys Mon. Apparently Mr Bowles had been suspended as Chairman of the United Lincolnshire NHS Trust for refusing to give assurances on performance indicators on waiting lists, Mr Bowles has himself made complaints over the extreme pressure to achieve targets. Good on him I say, its long overdue for a senior officer within the public service buraucracy to speak out against the performance culture; enough is enough of targets lets get back to delivering a QUALITY service rather than a QUANTATATIVE one. The presence of a person of David Bowles's calibre and principles on SOLACE Wales(Society of Local Authorities Chief Executives)should boost that organisation's influence with the Welsh Assembly Government a boost that is desperately needed in the face of massive council budget shortfall. Only time will tell if he succeeds in turning Ynys Mon around.

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