Saturday, 15 August 2009


Letter sent to Evening Leader, Wrexham Leader and Wrexham Chronicle.

Dear Editor,

We always comment that the summer is the silly season as far as the press is concerned, they have no real news stories to print so they can’t wait to print press releases by MP’s and AM’s claiming credit for success’s that they have played no part in. It is disingenuous for Ian Lucas to associate himself with the Warm Wales project when he knows full well that the credit for the success of Warm Wales over the last few years goes to Wrexham County Borough Council.

Equally disingenuous is Lesley Griffith’s association with the £4 million grant to Llay School or the £163,000 grant to repair the roof of Llay Miners, when she knows full well that the credit should go to the local Councillors, Malcolm Williams and Peter Davies who have worked closely with the Authority’s officers and Lead Members on the school project and have supported the Miners Institute Project.

Clearly Mr Lucas and Ms Griffiths wish to reassure the electorate that they are actually working during their 90 days holidays and the best way of doing that is to issue press releases on any subject they can associate themselves with. I don’t believe the voters of Wrexham are that easily fooled.

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A CAHILL said...

One of the most frustrating things about the Labour reps in Wrecsam is the amount of press releases they have made which are nowhere near the truth and have little of substance or truth and are unproven , if I post on the Leader website I have to make comments that are true and do not defame others yet politicians including the present leader of the Council can resort to making unproven claims and disparaging remarks about constituents who use their democratic right to protest against decisions made by those elected to serve them.Its a form of cowardice by people who have no wish to meet the electorate