Saturday, 29 August 2009

New council housing for Wrecsam?

Reading the Morning Leader and Daily Post, it seems Wrecsam is looking to build council houses to answer the shortfall in affordable housing in the area - a novel idea that Plaid's group of councillors first raised in May 2009 when they were first elected. At the time we were told it wasn't possible but it seems times change and so do policies.
It's the biggest issue I have in my ward with many young families forced to live in unsuitable flats when they need houses with gardens.
The main problem with wanting to build more affordable homes now is that most of the suitable land has either been grabbed by speculative developers or is still in council hands and is unsuitable - e.g. playing fields and open spaces.
The Daily Post claims that these would be the first council houses in 40 years - in fact as recently as 1982 Wrexham Maelor Borough Council was building hundreds of council houses each year. The stock has reduced from 20,000 then to just 12,000 today and they have not been replaced - which has partly led to a greater reliance on expensive private rented accommodation and the huge housing inflation Wrecsam has witnessed.
The political will is there locally and, I'm sure, nationally to find answers to our housing crisis.

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Plaid Gwersyllt said...

We need a Land Tax to dissuade speculative developers from sitting on their land banks for years on end to maximise their profits. Very pleased that our constant lobbying and support from other progressives in the coalition has led to this welcomed development.