Saturday, 29 August 2009

News International

I find it very difficult to take someone like James Murdoch seriously when he attacks the BBC, Ofgem and anyone else who gets in the way of News International making a few more bucks. Murdoch attacks the BBC for its dominance, but what do we want? a dominant media outlet like the BBC which on the whole is relatively impartial and accurate, or a media dominated, as in the US by the 'fair and balanced' Fox News, wholly owned by News International?

Fox is nothing more than a totally biased news channel promoting a Republican right wing agenda, just listen to the TV shock jocks,Glenn Beck, Neil Cavuto or Bill O'Reilly on Fox, who seem to be competing with each other to be the most outrageous. They are very good entertainment value but that's all they are, they are definitely not a news source you rely on for accuracy or impartiality.

It's not the BBC domination that worries me but rather BSkyB's domination over digital especially where there is no cable so I'm particularly pleased that Ofgem are investigating BSkyB's domination.

The BBC may not be perfect, but its our BBC and we trust it, so leave well alone Mr Murdoch.

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