Friday, 7 August 2009

North Wales Police Authority, Part II

Letter sent to the Daily Post - 7th August 2009

Dear Editor,

North Wales Police have been very active at the Eisteddfod promoting diversity from recognizing staff achievements in Welsh language skills to a greater awareness of the need to report hate crime; and they are to be praised for their work in this area.

Perhaps certain members of the North Wales Police Authority could also benefit from receiving some diversity training especially when it comes to Welsh provision in the Force. Not only are a few members lukewarm towards providing equal provision in Welsh, one or two are downright hostile. It seems that these same members are hell bent on unravelling all the good work that has been done over the last 10 years and has increased in pace since Brunstrom’s departure.

The behaviour of some of these Authority members at public events such as the award ceremony for 10 years of Welsh Language achievement at Llandudno Junction recently is frankly deplorable and brings the Authority into disrepute.

May I sugges to Kelvin Dent the Chief Executive of the North Wales Police Authority that if he wishes to nominate a member to represent the Authority at the Eisteddfod that he nominates someone who has a basic understanding of what goes on there and not someone who comes out with crass insulting statement about the Eisteddfod’s Welsh only rule, it only adds to the rapidly declining reputation of some members of the Police Authority.

In conclusion may I add that this letter is not a criticism of the Authority as a whole, many of its members are committed to the principle of equality and fairness, it is aimed at the more divisive and intolerant members of the Authority…they know who they are, as we do.


Henry Lloyd said...

I think police authorities - like health boards - should be directly elected. Then they would be accountable and prejudice such as you describe would be exposed. I think we would have this in a Welsh republic.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

So the Daily Post have bottled publishing this letter...whimps!!