Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Proposed Police Reorganisation will affect quality of service.


Plaid Cymru Councillor Arfon Jones who represents Gwersyllt West ward has written to Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie to express his concern having discovered that there is a proposal to amalgamate two of the three Policing districts in the County Borough. At present Wrexham North district based in Coedpoeth and Wrexham South district based in Rhosllanerchrugog are separate entities. The proposal is to amalgamate the two areas and to base the response officers at Rhos. Councillor Jones is concerned that if the amalgamation goes ahead the new area will be too large to Police effectively, Cllr Jones said
The proposal suggests that all the response officers are based in Rhos, but that is a long way from places like Llay and Rossett which are currently policed from Coedpoeth. The Police are supposed to respond to emergencies in less than 20 minutes, I just don’t see how this proposal will improve the response times. The people that we represent in Gwersyllt, Llay and Rossett will lose out if this proposal goes ahead.

In response to Councillor Jones’s concerns Chief Superintendent Purdie admitted the work was at an early stage and that no decisions had been reached as yet.
Councillor Jones said,
The Police should consult with the community they serve regarding these types of changes as they will affect the service the Police provide. We have already lost the Traffic Department from North Wales’s largest town to Deeside and this with no consultation with the public at large or elected members. These proposals should have been discussed at the Community Safety Forum and the relevant Scrutiny Committee and they weren’t and the Council know nothing about them despite being partners.


Anonymous said...

Rumoured to be happening in Flintshire as well.Basically there aren't enough response officers to provide cover so the solution is to increase the areas and then you'll have enough officers !!!!!!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

More Sergeants for Quest and Custody instead of 10 Sgts you lose 5 and the other 5 will cover the new area, how to increase workloads without increasing rewards.

Anonymous said...

Custody aren't getting anymore.They are now Incident Bail Managers -- custody staff are still going without rest breaks. In Flint last weekend there were 2 sgts working double time covering response because there were no PCs available and at the same time we had 2 officers on the horse section providing reassurance !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with providing a better service.There are now something like 45 officers in the division on sick leave or maternity leave.I believe that there has to be a 15% cut next year in finances and because they cannot meet the desired staffing levels in any section(and these desired levels are far below what was operated 3 years ago) they are aiming to reduce them by increasing the area that officers have to cover,so you will end up with 4 officers covering the amalgamated areas instead of 4 in Wrexham South and 4 in Wrexham North.