Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Richard Brunstrom

Controversial to the end that was Richard Brunstrom, we should have expected this, a final farewell email guaranteed to wind up many ex Police Officers but not I hasten to add...yours sincerely. I agreed with many of the things he's said in his email especially about bilingualism. Phil Edwards's comments on yesterday's Taro'r Post prompted me to contribute. Now Phil was claiming that North Wales Police was becoming more bilingual before Brunstrom arrived and yes they were but 'at a snail's pace. In the 1980's the force was led by David Owen and Eric Evans two Welsh speakers, one from Betws y Coed and the other from Caernarfon, who from my recollections did absolutely nothing to promote the language, in fact David Owen resisted the use of Heddlu on the cars. I worked for 5 Chief Constables over 30 years and Richard Brunstrom did more to promote Welsh within the Police than all the others put together.

Ex Detective Chief Superintendent Gareth Jones is another ex officer who is clearly unhappy writing in today's Daily Post about RB's demeaning comments about past performance and he makes some very valid points about the number of undetected murders in North Wales at the time RB became Chief and the numbers when he left...not good!

Final word to Rob Davies (It's the way I see it) in today's Daily Post:
While his departure has saddened former colleagues, the prospect of him taking to the high seas has dismayed many pirates.


Anonymous said...

good post. He's always impressed me as a chief constable. I think that his boldness to do things differently instead of covering his own backside as so many do in institutions of this kind do has made a huge impact.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Couldn't agree more compare him to leadership in other public authorities!
Only one downside with RB too much stick and not enough carrot...management style left a lot to be desired at times.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Anyone who can wind up Jeremy Clarkson is OK by me - nobody likes speed cameras or being fined for speeding but Brunstrom has raised awareness on this matter.

His bold stance on tackling the drugs issue is also one that deserved greater support - that too would undoubtedly anger the Daily Mail but would save many lives in the long run.

Anonymous said...

The guy was a moron speed cameras r not abt saftey there abt money that's why u get a fine not just points ad legalised drugs rubbish wd make matters worse he never been mugged for money for drugs th guys a tool