Thursday, 13 August 2009

Unemployment in Wales Part II

Economically active means those in employment and those unemployed, in June 2008, it was 1.437 million and 1.430 million in June 2009 which is 7,000 people less.

Economically inactive means those NOT in employment or unemployed and include those on occupational pensions OR those on the sick and on sickness benefits, now those figures have increased between June 2008 and June 2009 by a whopping 23,000 people (963,000 to 986,000)

So are there less unemployed in Wales or is the Department of Work and Pensions moving people from economically active to inactive?

Another piece of data which would suggest that unemployment is not reducing in Wales is the claimant figure for Job Seekers Allowance which was 78,500 in June 2009 but 79,400 in July 2009 so JSA claimants is going up but the number of unemployed is going down...apparently. And just to show how serious the recession has hit Wales, the JSA claimant number in June 2008 was 44,000.

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