Sunday, 13 September 2009

Celtic bloc

Just back from the Plaid annual conference in sunny Llandudno and much more to be posted on events over the next few days. All four Wrecsam councillors were in attendance as were a number of other activists from the area, including some of our newer members. Everyone had a good time amid all the debating and discussion.

One interesting contribution from the SNP's Westminster Leader, Angus Robertson MP, was the need for a strong progressive bloc of SNP and Plaid MPs.

He said that such a "Celtic bloc" at Westminster could protect Scotland and Wales from the spending cuts which both Conservative and Labour Governments would inflict.

Mr Robertson said: “Both the Tory and Labour Parties are following a cuts agenda. In Wales and Scotland the only protection is a strong Plaid Cymru and a strong SNP - the only parties that always stand for Wales and Scotland.

“At the next Westminster election we need to elect a record number of Plaid and SNP MPs to form a Celtic Bloc, a block on cuts and services like the NHS, a block on financial attacks to the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Governments and strong force in Parliament that stands up for the real priorities of people in Wales and Scotland."

Scottish polls suggest the SNP is on course to win 25 seats. Plaid can double its seats at the next election - a group of more than 30 seats will be significant if there is a hung Parliament in London.


Anonymous said...

Cuts will have to be made I am afraid. I heard that the interest payment on our (UK) debts alone will amount to 60 billion per year. This is about twice that of GDP. We (the UK) have been living beyond our means and encouraged to do so by this government. I would hope that one.....when there is a truly Welsh will encourage people to produce goods and to save and opposed to borrow and spend. Anyway, there will be massive cuts in the coming years. There has to be. How can there be any other way? Incidentally, I classify myself as a Welsh patriot....and I don't want Wales and the UK for that matter to end up a basket case which it will if government spending and borrowing continues the way it is at the moment.

Jeff said...

It certainly makes sense. Plaid and the SNP seem to be on the same page on most issues, if not all.

And 30+ MPs will indeed be a formidable bloc and, dare I say it, probably not a kick in the teeth away from the Lib Dem bloc as I can't see them holding onto all of their 63 seats from their Iraq War heyday.

And the Lib Dems only had 20 seats in 1992 on 17.8% of the vote, not so far off their national share now and that's not to mention the renewed forces of PC and SNP...

Plaid Whitegate said...

@ Anon: The figures are astronomical but I think you're accepting too much of the bankers' propaganda.
Successive UK Governments are to blame for failing to regulate the financial sector as they mis-sold pensions and waded into the murky swamp of sub-prime mortgages.
It turns out the self-proclaimed "masters of the universe" couldn't run a bath let alone an economic system.
But it's us not them that are expected to pay for the banking bailout. I don't think that's right - I don't think swimming pools and other community services should be cut because councils face hard times because central government is cutting the block grant.
Stopping the obscene bonuses for bankers is a first step in transforming the way we run our country.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Marc Jones still lives on cloud cuckoo land.. stick to your allotments and not national politics..

Plaid Whitegate said...

So you have no problem with bankers' bonuses while community services get axed?
Must be great being a Tory.

Anonymous said...

I agree thatthe obscene bonuses to bankers need to be curtailed. However, neither am I happy about the obscene (at least to me) pensions and even salaries that are being paid to many public sector employees. I work in the private sector.....what I suppose you would call an unskilled job. I am a 'Key worker' by which I mean....if there weren't people like me around there would be no money to pay for the public sector's wages and pensions. I don't have any pension at all. There are a lot like me. But I am every week contributing a lot of my hard earned pay fantastic public salaries and pensions. I don't think that is right.