Thursday, 17 September 2009


A Plaid Cymru member was walking along King Street, Wrecsam, with his wife the other day, they were showing members of their family who were over from Canada around Wrecsam. They were speaking in their native language when they were told by some morons to speak English. Needless to say they were shocked as I'm sure we all are that such attitudes remain towards the language. But hang on who said anything about Welsh?, the Plaid member was in fact speaking his native tongue, Hungarian. Yes he's been in this country since 1956 and a long standing member of our branch. It just goes to show the appeal the party has to non Welsh as well as Welsh speakers. Don't suppose there's any marks for guessing which party the morons support is there!

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Pelagius said...

Excellent observation. But we can never really be surprised about British prejudice. They've been at it for centuries.

I correct myself. There's research now that when the Anglo-Saxons invaded Great Britain (the island), unusually among the Germanic tribes they refused to absorb loan-words from the Welsh / Romano-British residents. (Y Rhyl is an example of the opposite process).

So this linguistic prejudice has nearly 2,000 years of history! You can hear that even today. The British media still refuses to pronounce Welsh words correctly.

But I still don't know the reason why, yet. Any ideas?