Friday, 18 September 2009

Nice One Cyril!

That was the headline to an article in Wrexham Chronicle this week and refers to the 90th birthday of the well known Wrecsam Solicitors, Cyril Jones & Co. Present at the celebrations was our one and only Ian Lucas who was also a solicitor before he joined the gravy train in 2001. There however ends any similarity between them. Cyril Jones the founder was a socialist, a strong advocate for the poor, he represented the families of the victims of the Gresford disaster and was also a staunch advocate of Welsh independence and a passionate Welshman and Welsh speaker. Ian Lucas as the staunch British Unionist that he is can claim none of Cyril Jones's qualities and this article is another attempt at bolstering his collapsing support in what used to be in Cyril Jones's day, 'rock solid OLD Labour seat,' but not anymore.

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