Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Plaid councillors condemn Eagles Meadow developer over affordable housing

Part of the deal between Wrecsam Council and the Eagles Meadow developers was to provide some affordable housing. The developers therefore paid for eight flats to be refurbished in Deva Way and also promised to renovate four flats above shops by the entrance to the shopping development.

At this week's planning committee, the developers tried to renege on that agreement. They said renovating the flats would cost too much and, instead of their original commitment, offered the council £20,000 as a one-off payment.

This did not go down well with councillors.

Plaid Cymru councillor Marc Jones, who sits on the planning committee, said:
"The money being offered is an insult and will mean there are four fewer affordable homes for people locally. It's regrettable that officers seem willing to bend over backwards for developers, who are talking in millions but seem unable to contribute a tiny part of that for much-needed affordable housing."

The decision was deferred for a month for further investigation but Plaid councillors are insisting that the original agreement is maintained, with four affordable homes or their equivalent being provided by the developer.

Cllr Jones added:
"Few people will have sympathy with the developer pleading poverty on this matter. A deal is a deal and a providing four flats is hardly going to break the bank."


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Wrexham must stick to its guns and prove to the big multi nationals that it isn't a pushover.
Well done Plaid!

Unionist said...

No wonder the country is in a mess with socialists trying to harm businesses of all sizes.

Economic viability is key during these tough times.

Plaid need to realise they will limit inward investment to Wales by multi-national companies or dare I say it British companies unless they change their attitudes.

Plaid Whitegate said...

I think you'll find it's the capitalists (bankers and bosses of multinational firms pulling out of Wxm) who are making a mess of the economy.
It's ordinary people who have had to bail out these people.
Their interests are my priority and Plaid's. Ask Air Products workers what they think of multi-national inward investment.
The 21st Century will be characterised far more by a diverse and innovative economy rather than relying on large inward investment. Plaid's planning for that not more of the same stuff that's left us relatively impoverished compared to other small countries with enormous natural and human resources.