Friday, 25 September 2009

Prison shock for Caernarfon

The shock decision not to site the proposed North Wales prison in Caernarfon is a huge blow to the local economy of that area. It's also an indictment of the way the UK government makes its decisions - presumably content to bring the project to what it saw as a Labour marginal without consulting or informing the local population.
Now the seat appears beyond the grasp of the party, which hasn't even selected a candidate to fight the Westminster election, Peter Hain is touting the idea of a new prison around every marginal in the area. Ynys Môn is the latest target, where Albert Owen will struggle to keep his seat from a strong Plaid challenge.
By the same token, how long before he turns up in Wrecsam?
The idea of a prison is opposed by local Labour MP Ian Lucas.
I support the idea of a prison on a suitable location locally on the following grounds:

• Wrecsam needs work and this will provide 600 relatively well-paid full-time jobs;
• Construction will provide work for hundreds of builders;
• Prisoners will be housed closer to home in a bilingual prison;
• Families from across the north will have less to travel, with particular advantages to families from the Wrecsam area. Punishing offenders is one thing, we shouldn't also punish their kids and families.

As long as there are offenders being sent to jail from this area, we need a prison for them. In an ideal world there should be no need to lock up so many people - many end up in prison for not paying for their TV licence - but until then let's have the prison in Wrecsam.


Anonymous said...

Might not be enough to save Labour on Ynys Mon. Plaid will give them a run for their money.

Anonymous said...

Ynys Mon will be very interesting given the intention to stand by former Conservative AM Peter Rogers (originally from Brymbo in Clwyd South!)

Peter has a very strong following in parts of Ynys Mon so who knows what affect that will have.