Saturday, 10 October 2009

Accountability v Efficiency.

On the 1st October 2009, the new Betsi Cadwaladr University NHS Trust was formed and has responsibility for delivering health serices across all six Local Authority areas in North Wales. The Board of this new Trust has ONLY ONE elected member across all six authorities. If the BCU Trust has only one elected member to hold it accountable to the people of North Wales why does the North Wales Fire Authority need 28 elected members on its board at a cost of £41,000 in allowances only (not counting expenses) and the North Wales Police Authority has 9 elected members who receive a whopping £75,000 in allowances last year to hold it accountable. This doesn't include allowances of elected members serving on other outside bodies like the National Park and various quangos. Don't think there will be much change out of a £1 million throughout Wales which is three times what I'm expected to save from Wrecsam's Children's Social Services budget this year. In light of the impending funding crisis there is a need to look at the make up of these outside bodies and possible reduction in the numbers of elected members that serve on these bodies.

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