Saturday, 31 October 2009

Clear as Mud!

Here is Nosemonkey Eutopia's excellent summary explaining the roles of the various European institutions...enjoy!!


Pelagius said...

Fairly useful, yes. But very 'cynical Brit' who finds all this Johnny Foreigner stuff at bit beyond their insularity. Over-complicated descriptions which could have been much simpler. Although imperfect in many respects, at least EU rules are written down so that anyone can read them in one document.

Eutopia's attitude reminds me of those Brits who can't pronounce what they call 'foreign' names (including Welsh, of course) or expect everyone to speak English.

If you want "clear as mud" try writing down the British constitution (if there was one). Ah, the relevance of the monarchy. The logic of the House of Lords. The democracy of 'first-past-the-post'. The fearsome independence of the House of Commons. The transparency of the UK civil service. The primacy of the rule of law. Makes you weep.

Glad you're raising the issue, though. Can't see it happening in the Western Mail or Daily Post.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Pelagius - Thanks, I knew it would get that reaction from you! But to be fair to Nosemonkey and having read a fair few of his blogs I don't think he's eurosceptic rather like me, I need to be persuaded that it can't be more efficient than what it is. Talking of the complexities of things in the UK have you read Peter Oborne's, The Triumph of the Political Class, which sums up all that seems to be wrong with our democratic institutions both in the Uk and Europe.

Pelagius said...

Damn, predictable! Take what you say about Nosemonkey.

You are right that the EU can be more efficient, and democratic too. But from my personal experience it is already much more transparent than Westminster. May I recommend a visit to Brussels via your MEP to see for yourself?

Totally agree with you about Peter Oborne's works. I have the book you mention and "The Rise of Political Lying". Very readable and devastating.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Before I go to Brussels you got any recommemded reading?