Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Concerns about Plas Madoc Communities First.

The success or otherwise of Communities First in Wales came under the spotlight last night being featured on BBC Radio Wales's EYE ON WALES. One of the schemes being investigated by the Wales Audit Office is Plas Madoc Communities First:
A community scheme to regenerate one of Wales' most deprived estates is being investigated over concerns about the way it is being run.

Plas Madoc Communities First in Wrexham has received millions of pounds of public money since 2001.

BBC Radio Wales' Eye on Wales has found the Wales Audit Office has now launched an inquiry over concerns with the scheme's governance and accountability.

Listen to Eye on Wales on BBC I Player here


top jacko said...

£200m spent on Communities First and £143m goes on wages and running the projects according to the Radio Wals program. No wonder communities are saying it's a mess!

Anonymous said...

Close the bloody place down and give the money to a children's charity like Action for Children it will then be money well spent helping vulnerable children.

a little bird told me said...

Word on the street is that we're looking at a Rhyl West situation in Plas Madoc - close it down and start again.

Anonymous said...

Its being investigated following, yet unsubstantiated allegations, maybe we should wait and see before condemn. Are we forgetting why we need Communities First in PlasMadog, 30 years of under investment by the local council! I think they deliver a wide range of quality services to the local community. Let’s see what come of the investigation.

Anonymous said...

lets have a look at the house that mb has had built, then audit dvcp in cefn and the polish connection