Saturday, 24 October 2009

Defend the Royal Mail - Support the Posties

CWU postal workers' picket at Wrecsam sorting office at Regent St.

To find out more about why the strike is on, read this and don't believe Mandelson's lies.


Pat said...

Cheers for the support.

Now convince your council to stop using TNT as its chosen form of delivery.

It's no good playing to the gallery on this when you're handing vital work to firms other than the Royal Mail - firms lobbying this week to put rival deliverers on the streets during the CWU strike.

More than lip service on this might be nice.

Pelagius said...

Totally agree, but we need to broadcast the better alternative in our independent Wales. Postal workers can expect no justice in Anglo-American UK.

What nation would destroy its postal network any more than it would its rail, road or air infrastructure. We know the job opportunities presented by Amazon distribution centre in Swansea. After all, we invented the mail order industry in Newtown, Powys.

What is Plaid policy on a national postal service? Jill Evans MEP voted against the EU Directive on this (which was fully-supported by Labour in the secret Council of Ministers, of course). But what has Plaid actually done in Cardiff Bay and Westminster? Do Plaid ministers and councils use private mail companies?

Plaid Whitegate said...

The last letter I had from the council was through Royal Mail. Will check about TNT.

Plaid Whitegate said...

The last letter I had from a UK Government agency (about Child Benefit) was delivered by UK Mail, one of the private firms that is looking to cherry pick the Royal Mail.
So is the London Labour government outsourcing its mail delivery?

Privatise Royal Mail! said...

So Plaid endorses strike action which causes disruption for the majority of hard working families who pay their taxes.

At a time of recession when there are many who would be delighted to have a job with Royal Mail this is insensitive.

Pelagius said...

Privatiser, who wants to go on strike? I've done it and it's horrible. But sometimes you have to do it.

The mainstream media never report that this Royal Mail is 100% taxpayer-owned. So Labour appoints all its directors. It must be one of the worst-run companies in the UK. Is that the workers fault? The history of Britain always brings us back to bad management. That's why Wales has to free itself from this failed state, pronto.