Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hightown flats

The decision to demolish the Hightown Flats is the right one to take because the structural problems of the complex won't go away. Most importantly seven out of 10 residents agreed and I hope work will begin as soon as possible on the job.
The biggest challenge will be to house the 120 or so families remaining in the flats - about 50 are now empty. Many will naturally want to stay as close to Hightown as possible and that means many will look to a move to Whitegate.
That is problematic because there are so few vacancies each year in the area - just nine last year - due to the amount of council houses that have been bought.
It's obvious too that many people in the flats want to stay together and, rather than be dispersed to the four winds, it makes sense to ensure that a substantial amount are housed in the same area or development.
With that in mind, it makes sense for the council to try to use some of the empty private accommodation in the town and come to an arrangement with the owners on a short-term basis. That ensures homes for the Hightown residents but also will not mean that people already on the waiting list are effectively leap-frogged when it comes to accessing in-demand areas like Whitegate.

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