Monday, 5 October 2009

Huw Lewis a leftie? Pull the other one

Merthyr poet and political activist Mike Jenkins has this interesting take on the left-wing pretensions of his local AM Huw Lewis, one of three candidates for the Welsh Labour leadership.

Mike doesn't pull his punches about his absentee AM:
Lewis was a rabid Blairite then, so the recent support of so-called leftie Jon Cruddas seems amazing. At one meeting, he accused me of 'living in cloud-cuckooland', but maybe that's closer to Merthyr than his residence.

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Pelagius said...

Very good point. I want to know where Huw Penarth stands on nuclear weapons, NATO, the Iraq / Afghan wars, the two new aircraft carriers and Sain Tathan? If he's in favour - and I think he's a big British nationalist - that's most of us taxpayers money Gone for a Burton.