Sunday, 11 October 2009

Labour select candidate for South Clwyd.

Why have the South Clwyd Labour Party kept their selection of Peckham Councillor, Susan Elan Jones so quiet? There doesn't seem to have been a press release by the candidate, which is unusual as prospective candidates normally want to raise their profile and get name recognition.

Is it anything to do with the fact that Ms Jones is a Labour Councillor on Southwark Council and that opposition parties may accuse them of parachuting another candidate into what used to be a safe seat for Labour... but not anymore. To be fair to Ms Jones, I understand she's a native of Ponciau so she can claim some local connection despite having been away a number of years.

Ms Jones will not however resign her council seat until the 11th November, so as to prevent a by-election and her seat will remain vacant until the next election in Southwark, a decision that did not best please the leader of the Liberal Democrats who had this to say

Susan Elan Jones is clearly committed to pursuing her political career 200 miles away from her current constituents.

I'm sure the residents of the Lane will take a dim view of her newly found commitment to north Wales and her cynical resignation date that denies them their right to a vote. Labour clearly expect to lose any election and are in disarray, with half of their council group standing down or being forced out.

Susan Elan Jones is joining a long queue of ambitious Labour politicians who realise their only hope is to pursue their careers elsewhere.

The sad part for Ms Jones is that it may all be to no avail as some of the comments on the UK Polling Report for South Clwyd testify.


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

This is in today's Daily Post but with great emphasis on Ms Jones's local connections with no mention whatsoever that she is a Southwark Councillor. Labour really are frightened of the parachuting allegation.

Anonymous said...

Loved how the DP mentions nearly every village she could relate to!

"Charity fundraiser" I wonder how much she has raised for community groups in Clwyd South?

John Bell has been supporting a range of local groups for some time.

"Floating Voter" said...

I agree John Bell is doing well there - he has local links and lives in the constituency.

Plaid's Janet Ryder was born in Sunderland, lives in Ruthin and has only taken an interest in Clywd South since she was elected.

And her lacklustre campaigning - her blog was last updated a month ago - means she might not be doing as well as your poor quality attempt at "sockpuppeting" on UK Polling report suggests.

I see Clwyd South turning blue - and a seat for Paul Rogers in the Assembly after that!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Priceless stuff from the Tories - attacking a Plaid candidate for being born in England! Aren't you meant to be the Conservative and Unionist Party?
It might also surprise you that campaigning doesn't just consist of blogging.

Anonymous said...

Is John Bell local to South Clwyd then, or is it more Tory bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Better write up for Ms Jones in today's Leader. Like the bit about her grandfather being a miner, one or two of us from this area can lay claim to that one. Who her parents and grandparents are doesn't say much about her, apart of course her so called local connection. How long she been away again, was it 14 years?
Nice to see she can speak Welsh but since when has that been of any importance to the Welsh Labour Party? The South Clwyd CLP really think they're going to lose this one, they have just gone totally overboard with promoting Ms Jones, sickening really.

Innix said...

John Bell lives in Marchwiel. I received his very impressive leaflet last week.

Anon I agree Labour have lost the plot in Clwyd South, I bet this will be a dirty campaign.

Anonymous said...

Gareth Hughes the Tory candidate for Wrexham is in today's Leader attacking Tom Rippeth for coming from Tyneside originally and not living in the constituency. Handbags at 10 paces.
Nice to see that Susan has bought a home in Pentrebychan. Is she selling up in London? I think not.