Thursday, 1 October 2009

Labour thinks different?

Watching Gordon Brown & Co inventing last-minute policies to try to win over voters at the next election wasn't pretty. Some have focussed on the hypocrisy over free hospital parking. There's been a lot of hot air expended on The Sun dumping Gordon - no surprises there given Murdoch's cynical desire to back a winner (who won't tax the rich).

But, amid the random policy inventions, one snippet struck me as breathtaking in its hypocrisy - the idea that the Post Office could be turned into a People's Bank.

This is something long advocated by Plaid among others. It's not something London Labour's leadership has been pushing. Indeed London Labour was, until a huge campaign mounted by the postal workers' union CWU, advocating part-privatising the Post Office network. It was prepared to abandon this fantastic community resource to the free market until the posties threatened to stop funding the government party to the tune of £1 million. The u-turn, albeit grudging and temporary, was inevitable for a cash-strapped party facing an election.

On this, as with so many issues these days, it seems Labour in London is being forced to adopt policies made in Wales - scrapping SATs, introducing free prescriptions and now hospital parking.

Plaid's new slogan is Think Different. Think Plaid.
Perhaps Labour's been listening!

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