Thursday, 29 October 2009

Letter to The Leader.

This is in response to a letter from John Humberstone, UKIP's Westminster candidate published in The Leader on Monday 26th October 2009, which was basically a criticism of WAG for not giving Wrecsam a share of the £118 million SCIF funding and going on to praise John Marek and criticise the Labour AM and the Plaid group on Wrecsam Council for being ineffective.

Dear Editor,

John Humberstone’s description that Wrecsam is being starved of investment is a gross exaggeration and misrepresentation of the facts (Leader Letters 26th October). Whilst it is disappointing not to receive a share of the £118 million Strategic Capital Investment Fund it does not mean that Wrecsam is being starved of funding. The reality is that one department of Wrecsam Council (Children and Young People’s Services) received nearly £16 million in grants from the Welsh Assembly Government in 2009/10, in addition to this Rhosymedre and Llay School have received about £8 million pounds in capital investment. An investment of £23 million can hardly be described as being starved.

John Humberstone must be congratulated on his complete political transformation from a pro Assembly/Pro devolution member of Plaid Cymru in 1999 to an anti Assembly/anti European supporter of UKIP in 2009. It is an unique achievement to be able to cover the whole political spectrum from left to right in such a short period of time, but it does raise questions as to whether Mr Humberstone actually knows what he stands for?

Yours sincerely,


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Letter published today.

Benjamin Road Resident said...

Could Humberstone's backing for Dr John be linked to any recent planning applications?