Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Special Relationship.

The publication of a Guardian/ICM Poll today which shows that Conservatives are now on 44% (+1%), Labour on 27% (+1%) and Lib Dems on 18% (-1%) will have done little to alleviate concerns across the pond as to the foreign policy direction of the Conservatives if elected. A broad coalition of US Foreign policy experts from Hilary Clinton to John McCain have expressed their concerns that the Conservatives have left the mainstream centre right grouping in Europe the EPP and joined a grouping of far right parties which is described in today's Guardian as, "alliance with far-right parties with alleged antisemitic and neo-Nazi links." The Americans are also concerned that Cameron will try to wreck the Lisbon Treaty if it hasn't been ratified by the time of the next election.

It will be inteesting to see how William Hague manages to reassure Clinton and McCain during his visit to the US and whether the Special Relationship will survive an Eurosceptic Cameron government; or will the US look to France or Germany to assist them in influencing European policy. This visit by Hague has the potential to become a 'spectacular own goal' for David Cameron.

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