Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tories to force jobless to work

That is the front page headline of today's Sunday Times which refers to David Cameron's announcement at the Tory Conference tomorrow of a new Work Programme. Under this new scheme the Tories propose:
1. Rigorous medical checks to see whether those on Incapacity benefits are capable of work.
2. Private companies and charities used to get longer term unemployed back to work.
3. Benefit claimants who refuse to take training places will see their benefits cut.
I don't see there is anything new here, James Purnell abolished Incapacity Benefit and replaced it with Employment Support Allowance in October 2008. The Department of Work and Pensions have always had the ability to sanction benefit claimants for refusing to attend training courses and stop their benefits. As for using private companies to get people back to work this is also in place as part of the Purnell reforms. Try reading this story from the Mail and this story from today's Sunday Times and tell me what the difference is? The truth is that you vote Tory get Labour and vice versa, its all the same tired London based politics.


Anonymous said...

And where are the jobs for those people on Incapacity or long-term unemployed? This is dog-whistle politics for Middle England rather than trying to deal with the real need to find work that's more than a glorified YTS scheme.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Quite right...when Purnell came in with his grand plan on Incapacity Benefit there were 2.5 million people on IB with 500,000 job vacancies...doh!!