Thursday, 19 November 2009

Deputy Housing Minister visits Wrecsam

Jocelyn Davies AM, the deputy minister for housing in the One Wales Government, will be in Wrecsam tomorrow visiting the Bridge St site at Penybryn in the morning and then addressing the "Delivering Affordable Housing" conference in the afternoon.

Interest in the conference has been huge with 70 people pre-registering, mainly housing officers, councillors and others working in the field as well as tenants and local residents.

The conference starts at 12.30am at the Nick Whitehead Theatr, Glyndwr University, and Jocelyn Davies will be speaking at 1pm. Parking is a nightmare at the university at the moment so please allow plenty of time!


Tommy said...

Actually this "conference" will produce very little by way of constructive or progressive ideas for affordable housing.The simple answer to the problems is for councils to disassociate themselves from housing associations and build more(a lot more)council houses.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Tommy, there will be a range of opinions and options expressed at the conference. Turn up - you may be surprised at what you hear rather than dismiss it beforehand.

Tommy said...

Hi Plaid Whitegate.

I looked at the list of speakers and it looks like a chamber of horrors.None of these groups or individuals actively promote the building of council houses and all offer hybrid solutions,and various hairbrained partnership deals with a labyrynth of add-hoc and dubious agencies.
The bottom line is councils should build more council houses and the rights of tenants should be protected.
This conference is a diversionary tactic from the real issues.
Also there are no representatives from Defend Council Housing,or the newly formed Defend Council Housing (Wales)

Plaid Whitegate said...

Thanks for your positive comments, Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Legally the Council CANNOT build Council houses