Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Griffin and Franco.

Nick Griffin shows his true colours again, by attending a meeting of a far right Spanish Political Party to commemorate the anniversary of Francisco Franco's death on the 20th November 1975. During the meeting at a central Madrid Hotel violence breaks out between supporters of the modern day Falange Fascists and the Patriotic Socialist Movement and 28 people were arrested. The Telegraph allege that Griffin may well have visited Franco's Mausoleum at the Valles de Los Caidos whilst in Spain but the BNP deny this and have made a formal complaint to the Press Complaints Commission about the Telegraph's reporting, describing it as 'outrageously false.'

I wonder if he gave the Fascist salute like his mates in the photograph?

His commemoration of the death of a murderous Fascist dictator is just further evidence of his unsavoury political ideology.


Madrid Spain Native said...

Its a shame that this guy came to Madrid as the whole time of the Facist dictatorship in Spain can't be sumed up as simply as the British press have done so. I'm not making excuses for the Facists in any way simply stating that the British press has a tendency to see any form of Facist salute as an excuse to portray someone as a Hitlers best buddy. In Spain the situation is far more complicated than that and something that needs to be studied instead of sensationalized.

Its a shame when someone uses a difficult period of war and suffering in a different country's history just to grab a couple of column inches in their home tabloids.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The question is would Franco have won the war if it wasn't for Hitler's support especially in the air. I wonder if the Basques of Guernica or Bilbo would be as critical? Also why did Zapatero ban any celebration of Franco at his mausoleum at Valles de los Caidos. Are you saying that those that were commemorating Franco are not fascists!